Dell Backup Hardware Resources

Dell PV100T Travan, DDS3, DDS4 and DAT72 drives 
Dell PV110T VS80/160 drives**
Dell PV110T LTO, LTO2, LTO2L, LTO3 and LTO4 drives
Dell PV112T and PV114T rack mount enclosures
 Dell PV120T autoloaders**
Dell PV122T autoloaders
Dell PV124T libraries
Dell PV132T libraries**
Dell PV136T libraries**
Dell TL-2000 libraries
Dell TL-4000 libraries
Dell ML-6000 series libraries
 Dell PV210/220**

 Dell PV110T DLT1**

 Dell PV110T SDLT220/320**

** denotes EOL (end of life). These devices are no longer manufactured and may not be eligible for renewal of warranty.

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