Community Outreach

The FYDLC Story by Kelly Stambaugh, Director of IT Services.

My cell phone rang from my pocket and before I could even finish my greeting Angie Hinkle, the director of the Foundation for Youth Development of Lincoln County urged into the telephone, "It won't register the keyboard"! "Hold on Angie, I"m just down the road, I can be there in about 15 minutes" I replied, wondering why Angie sounded so animated. She was obviously very upset.

I finished the call I was on and quickly headed to the other side of Chandler where Angie's office was located. Upon arrival I found a computer, keyboard, monitor and mouse set up on Angie's desk with the cursor on the screen unresponsive to any input. I performed a quick triage of the situation, tried a known good mouse and keyboard with no success. On further diagnosis I found that the motherboard had failed on the computer. "I don't know what I am going to do, the winner will be here anytime and I don't have a prize for him!" I knew this didn't sound good.

I asked Angie to explain the situation to me. Angie had conducted a contest open to local youth to design the logo for the Foundation she operates, the FYDLC. The prize was the computer that was now Dead On Arrival on her desk. It had been donated months earlier and had run without issue yet when Angie had started it today to customize the desktop with the winner's name the technology refused to cooperate.

I asked Angie, "can you postpone your award for just a few days, let me see if I can find a suitable replacement?" She agreed. I set about calling around to secure another donation computer with no luck.

I went back to my office and in my email inbox was a notice that Dell had their line of great mini laptops on sale. When I saw this I realized that helping the FYDLC was just meant to be. I ordered the mini right then, called Angie and told her to arrange for the winner to be in her office one week later. When the mini arrived I prepped it with Open Office and the winners name as the screen saver. I delivered it to her office the day before the presentation as a gift from our company. When Angie presented it to Kelly McGann you could see how happy he was. Good job Kelly, we're proud of you!
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